Meet Dyrt

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Our Mission

Dyrt revolutionizes waste management through advanced hardware and software solutions, empowering businesses and municipalities to adopt sustainable practices.

Our Story

Food waste presents a dire crisis of immense proportions. Every year, people throw away billions of tons of food globally. Most of it ends up rotting in landfills where it generates planet-warming methane emissions that are 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The scale of the problem is huge, but in our travels around the U.S., abroad, or in our own cities, we found composting or separating organic waste was practically non-existent. 

Next generation organics management.

Dyrt’s in-vessel composting system is at the heart of our solution. We’ve perfected the technology to rapidly break down organic waste in a controlled, enclosed environment. Unlike traditional composting methods, our system is faster, more efficient, and easily scalable. It converts food waste into ready to use, nutrient-rich compost in as little as 14 days, while internet connected sensors seamlessly keep the system balanced, and generate real time data for our customers.

Beyond Waste

Our story is about more than just managing waste. We’ve seen firsthand how our system can turn a problem into a resource, leading to buy-in from employees and engagement from customers. Our approach is already helping businesses and cities reduce their environmental footprint, inform upstream purchasing decisions, save on waste management costs, and contribute to a better planet.

Our Supporters

Dyrt is in Cohort 6 of the prestigious Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator which is dedicated to transforming zero-emissions transportation, clean energy, and sustainable cities. The comprehensive program aims to boost the competitiveness, resilience, environmental sustainability, and scalability of cleantech companies. LACI startups address urgent environmental challenges, focusing on innovative solutions such as recycling methods, food waste management, EV charging, cooling systems, and new forms of electric vehicles.

Set in LA’s dynamic tech landscape, this mentorship-driven initiative unites founders from around the world. Dyrt is a member of the 2023 cohort, which was selected for groundbreaking products and solutions, poised to transform the way we live and work.

Company Values


Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our operations. We believe in taking responsibility for our environmental impact, and strive to invest in the health and well-being of our communities.


Our customers trust us to be upfront about our practices, pricing, and the environmental benefits we deliver. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our business is as honest and straightforward as our solutions.


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We're committed to providing not just a service, but a partnership. We listen, adapt, and grow with our customers, ensuring their needs are met with our personalized, responsive service.


Lee Robinson

Chief Executive Officer

USCC Master Composter, Urban farmer 15 Years in Clean & Climate Tech

Chelsea Davidoff


13 Years in Operations, Government Relations, and Business Development for Clean-Tech Startups & Large Corporations

Ian Westwood


25 Years Designing and Engineering Telecoms, Broadcast, Control, IoT Tech in the Startup Space

Jackson Cantrell


10 years in Content Development and Marketing in Media & Fintech


Justin Ashton

15 Years as Co-Founder, investor, and advisor in climate-tech sector

Philip Ackerman-Leist

25 years of higher education in sustainable agriculture, author, and climate advisor 

Chris Swallow

20 years as co-founder, investor, and advisor in the PPP climate-tech sector