The Complete Solution For Your Municipality

Ensure compliance and divert organic waste from landfills with our state-of-the-art customizable facilities.

Assessment and Consultation

Complete the initial assessment form and provide city details. Our team reviews the information to develop baseline metrics. A Dyrt representative schedules a meeting with appropriate City Staff to discuss specific requirements, space availability, and considerations.

Proposal and Approval

Post-consultation, your Dyrt Representative collaborates with City Staff to schedule site visits for further assessment and technical specifications. A customized proposal covering size, features, and costs, along with a proposed pilot program (if preferred), is presented for approval.

The Dyrt Cycle

For Municipalities

Pilot Program

Recognizing the need for assurance, we offer pilot programs with varying durations. This allows your city to experience the effectiveness of Dyrt's solutions firsthand and ensures a seamless fit with your waste management strategy.

Installation and Ongoing Support

Upon approval, our experts coordinate Dyrt composter installation, provide hands-on training, and conduct an environmental impact assessment. Ongoing support, maintenance, and monitoring through our online platform follow, including compliance reports and data on compost weight, quality, and environmental impact.

Our distinctive approach enables us to process organics directly within your city, tailoring our commercial organic waste management facility to precisely meet your municipality's requirements.

At Dyrt Farms, our cutting-edge organic waste management facility boasts proprietary vessels that create a controlled environment for the breakdown of organic materials. This innovative method provides a highly efficient and scalable solution. Our meticulous handling and processing of organic food waste at the facility prioritize minimal environmental impact and maximal resource utilization. With Dyrt, your city can count on a customized and environmentally conscious organics waste management strategy.

Dyrt Farm

The ideal solution for municipalities and large venues:
Cost Savings:
Real-time Monitoring:
Dyrt farm key components:
Compost data sent to Dyrt cloud for each composter:
Why Choose Dyrt:

Dyrt Cloud

Our Integrated Smart Software Solution

The Dyrt Cloud introduces unprecedented insights into Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact, offering a level of understanding not previously available.

Our cutting-edge real-time reporting software is purposefully crafted to furnish businesses with comprehensive insights into their entire waste stream and advancements toward compliance and sustainability objectives. The dynamic web dashboard presents key metrics aligned with EPA standards, including CO2 equivalent reductions and conserved water. Beyond mere reporting, this tool empowers users to assess, measure, and make well-informed decisions concerning waste management strategies and upstream purchasing choices.
The Dyrt Cloud transcends conventional reporting systems; it stands as a robust platform enabling users to explore the depths of their environmental footprint. Through seamless integration of ESG considerations into daily operations, businesses can spearhead positive change, elevate sustainability practices, and contribute meaningfully to a greener and more responsible future.

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