The Complete Solution For Your Municipality

Dyrt diverts, tracks, and processes food waste.

Assessment and Consultation

Schedule an initial meeting with us. Our team will develop a proposal that we think best fits your needs. Next, we will discuss specific requirements, space availability, and considerations with city staff.

Proposal and Approval

Post-consultation, Dyrt schedules site visits for further assessment. We'll create customized plan that covers volume, features, permitting, and costs. A pilot program is presented for approval.

The Dyrt Cycle

For Municipalities

Pilot Program

We work with your jurisdiction to test our hardware and software solutions firsthand. We provide hands-on training for city staff, and evaluate and adapt the pilot into a full-scale proposal.

Transform Your Food Waste Management

Dyrt conducts an environmental impact assessment, and works with your city to secure necessary permits. Once the program is launched we provide ongoing support, maintenance, and monitoring. This includes compliance reports, environmental impact and full-cycle diversion tracking.

Process your food waste close to the source.

At Dyrt, our proprietary in-vessel composters create a controlled environment for the breakdown of organic materials. Our facilities prioritize minimal environmental impact and maximal resource utilization, aiming to divert 100% of organic waste. With Dyrt, your city can count on accountable, full lifecycle organics waste management.

Dyrt Farm

The ideal solution for municipalities and large venues:
Cost Savings:
Real-time Monitoring:
Dyrt farm key components:
Compost data sent to Dyrt cloud for each composter:
Why Choose Dyrt:

Dyrt Cloud

Our Integrated Smart Software Solution

The Dyrt Cloud delivers unmatched insight

Our real-time reporting software lets you see the full picture of your city’s organic waste lifecycle. We help you track food waste from thousands of business accounts and generate reports for state and federal compliance. Our key metrics are aligned with EPA CO2 and water conservation standards. 

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