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Assessment and Consultation

After completing the initial assessment with your business, Dyrt estimates initial baseline metrics. Next we discuss specific requirements, regulations, sustainability goals and other considerations.

Proposal and Approval

We schedule a site visit to develop a customized food waste and staff-training plan.

The Dyrt Cycle

For Business

Ongoing Support

We carry out a plan that best fits with the needs of your business, adjusting as new considerations arise. Our data platform provides daily insight into your food waste, while our staff is available for onsite training and support.

In-vessel organics management systems process food waste at or near the source.

No trucking to facilities hundreds of miles away. No water required. Simply food waste in and quality aerobic compost out.

Dyrt’s technology reduces waste volume by a factor of four and generates ready to use compost. We equip each in-vessel system with internet-connected sensors and software to track and manage organic waste in real time and automate compliance reporting.

By implementing Dyrt on site, your business can make a meaningful contribution to the environment, and position itself as a frontrunner in Environmental, Social, Governance and carbon reduction goals.

The DyrtMaker

The ideal solution for small businesses and restaurants that diverts
organic waste from landfills by:
Cost Savings:
Real-time Monitoring:
Composter key components:
Compost data sent to Dyrt cloud:
Real-time Monitoring:
Why Choose Dyrt:
Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Impact:

Dyrt Cloud

Our integrated software solution

The Dyrt Cloud delivers not previously available insight

Our real-time reporting software lets you see your entire waste stream and helps you achieve compliance and sustainability objectives. Our key metrics are aligned with EPA CO2 and water conservation standards. Beyond mere reporting, the Dyrt Cloud empowers our customers to make well-informed decisions on waste management strategies and upstream purchasing choices.

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