We are the solution to food waste management for businesses and municipalities

Food Waste Regulation Hassles?

The Complete Dyrt System


Dyrt Cloud

Dyrt Support

We Do the Dyrty Work, So You Don’t Have To

For Businesses

On Site Organics Management or Off Site Processing for Business Operations within LA County

For Municipalities

Collaborate with Dyrt to Establish a Dedicated Organic Waste Management Facility within your City

Meet your local food waste management requirements

Easy & cost-effective solution

Continuous care through dedicated support staff

The Flow of Dyrt

Toss your food scraps into the Dyrtmaker

Dyrt Bins sensors transmit data to Dyrt Cloud

Dyrt Cloud compiles and organizes data

Data allows for easy regulation adherence

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Competitive pricing with satisfaction guarantee

Breeze through food waste management audits

Dedicated Dyrt support representatives

We cancel your current service for you

We provide staff waste management training

Our system is odorless No sniffs or whiffs!

Find out how you can reduce your current organics waste bill by up to 40%

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